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The Aeronautical Information Services of the Slovak Republic (AIS S. R.) are provided by Aeronautical Information Management Unit, which forms part of Air Traffic Services of the Slovak Republic.All AIS products are available in the electronic form only via this web page. For its use a free registration is required. For terms of use see Terms of use.

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03 NOV 2022


(08 SEP 2022)
AIS SR has made available for free internet download all existing terrain data sets, which are not subject of the licence agreement. Digital data sets - download .
On 28 July 2022 AIS of Slovak Republic has issued the correction of AIS publication.
Publication concerned: AIRAC AIP AMDT NR 236
Effective date: 11 AUG 22
Product concerned: AIP SR, AD 2-LZTT-9-1 ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Chart - ICAO Corrected information:
For safety reason, AIS SR highly recommends all users who use AIP SR for operational purposes to download a local copy of AIP (AIS Products > AIP SR > eAIP/Download) to ensure its availability even in the case of Internet connection or the AIM site failure.
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