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This website is an authorized source of aeronautical data and information. For the access to the content of the website free of charge registration is required. Basic prerequisite for use the website as an authorized source of aeronautical information is the acceptance to receive notifications of potential errors in products. The sole responsibility for the use of information and publications through this website is on users.

The content of the AIP SR is protected by copyright and in every case of use copyright noticing "© LPS SR, š. p." must be displayed. Any part of AIP SR may be used for informative or operational purposes. Any other use of any part of the AIP SR is allowed only with the prior written agreement of LPS SR, š. p., which reserves the right to change the information published on this website in accordance with the terms of the registration.

LPS SR, š. p. with professional care, will ensure the accuracy, completeness, correctness and validity of the information provided by the Aeronautical Information Service of the Slovak Republic. LPS SR, š. p. is responsible for the electronic version of the information as it is available on this website. LPS SR, š. p. takes no liability for any further use of the data and map material originally provided on the AIM website after the material has left the company’s data processing systems and the sphere of influence of the company.

LPS SR, š. p. makes every effort to ensure the maximum availability of the website. In the event of any error or failure, LPS SR, š. p. shall take all necessary steps to solve the problem without undue delay.

For safety reason, AIS SR highly recommends all users who use AIP SR for operational purposes to download a local copy of AIP (AIS Products > AIP SR > eAIP/Download) to ensure its availability even in the case of Internet connection or the AIM site failure.

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