Aeronautical Information Publication

Slovak Republic


LPS SR, š. p.



2.1.1  Units of measurement

The following units of measurement are used in the Slovak Republic:

For measurement of

Units used

Distance used in navigation, position reporting, etc. - generally in excess of 2 Nautical Miles

Kilometres, Nautical Miles and tenths

Relatively short distances such as those relating to aerodromes
(e.g. runway lengths)


Altitudes, elevations and heights

Feet, metres

Cloud base


Horizontal speed

Kilometres per hour, knots

Wind speed

Metres per second, knots

Vertical speed

Feet per minute

Wind direction for landing and taking off

Degrees Magnetic

Wind direction except for landing and taking off

Degrees True

Visibility including runway visual range

Kilometres or metres

Altimeter setting



Degrees Celsius


Metric tonnes or Kilogrammes


Hours and minutes, beginning at midnight UTC

2.1.2  Temporal reference system General

Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used by air navigation services and in publications issued by the Aeronautical Information Services of the Slovak Republic. Reporting of time is expressed to the nearest minute, e.g. 12:40:35 is reported as 1241.

The beginning of the day is designated as 0000 UTC and 2359 UTC for the end of the day.

The local time is used in the Slovak Republic:

  1. Central European Time (UTC + 1 HR) or

  2. Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2 HR). Daylight saving time

"Daylight saving time" is in force during the "summer period". Daylight saving time in the Slovak Republic is UTC plus 2 hours.

Daylight saving time introduced on:

Daylight saving time will cease on:

26 MAR 2017, 0100 UTC

29 OCT 2017, 0100 UTC

25 MAR 2018, 0100 UTC

28 OCT 2018, 0100 UTC

31 MAR 2019, 0100 UTC

27 OCT 2019, 0100 UTC

29 MAR 2020, 0100 UTC

25 OCT 2020, 0100 UTC

28 MAR 2021, 0100 UTC

31 OCT 2021, 0100 UTC

In the AIP S. R. hours of operations stated in brackets are applicable during Central European Summer Time. Date/time group in numeral form is expressed in following order: year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

2.1.3  Horizontal reference system Name/designation of system

All published geographical coordinates indicating latitude and longitude are expressed in terms of the World Geodetic System - 1984 (WGS-84). Projection

All the chart published by AIS S. R. are drafted on Lambert conformal conic projection with standard parallels 48°00’ and 49°20’. Ellipsoid

Horizontal positions are related to GRS-80 reference ellipsoid. Datum

All horizontal coordinates are related to the ETRF-89 reference frame. Area of application

The area of application for the published reference system coincides with the area of responsibility of the AIS S. R., i. e. the entire territory of the Slovak Republic encompassed by the BRATISLAVA FIR.

2.1.4  Vertical reference system Name/designation of system

Elevations and altitudes related to mean sea level are published in Baltic vertical reference system. Geoid model

All values of geoid undulation in AIP S. R. are calculated using Digital Height Reference Model - version 05.2005 (DVRM05) based on local quasigeoid GMSQ03B. Model is available on the web site:

2.1.5  Aircraft nationality and registration marks

The nationality mark for aircraft registered in the Slovak Republic consists of the letters "OM". The nationality mark is followed by a hyphen and a registration mark.

2.1.6  Public holidays

The following public holidays are applied in the Slovak Republic:

  • 1st January

  • 6th January

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • 1st May

  • 8th May

  • 5th July

  • 29th August

  • 1st September

  • 15th September

  • 1st November

  • 17th November

  • 24th December

  • 25th December

  • 26th December

  • and all Sundays