Aeronautical Information Publication

Slovak Republic


LPS SR, š. p.


1.3.1  Personal documents and security provisions Passengers Passengers in transit who will not leave the transit area of an international aerodrome shall keep a valid travel document all the time (passport, travel permit etc.) but visas will be not required from them. They are obliged to comply with security provisions. Passengers entering into Slovak Republic at the international aerodromes shall possess a valid travel document all the time and a valid visa, if required, issued by the Slovak Consulate abroad. Passengers shall prove, on request, their identity before embarkation. Before embarkation passengers must hand over to the carrier material which could endanger the safety of air traffic, and they must comply with the inspection measures of the carrier or officers of aerodrome security control, leading to verification that the above stated articles are not transported. The carrier is competent to decide whether these materials will be transported. Flight crew members

Flight crew members shall possess a valid travel documents. The licence or certificate of a flight crew member may be accepted for entry into Slovak Republic if flight crew member not leave the board of the aircraft, or transit areas of an aerodrome.

1.3.2  Customs procedures Baggage and travel requisities which are in the personal ownership of departing or arriving passengers are subject of customs inspection and will be cleared according to valid customs provisions. Customs provisions are issued by:
Postal address:

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
Customs Department
Štefanovičova 5
Slovak Republic

1.3.3  Public health requirements No vaccination certificate is required from disembarking passengers and flight crew members coming from Europe, Asian countries in the C.I.S., Canada, Greenland and U.S.A., provided they have stayed in these areas for at least 14 days prior to travelling to the Slovak Republic, provided these areas have not been infected with highly contagious diseases (cholera, yellow fever or smallpox) and provided it is not warranted by special circumstances. Passengers and flight crew members arriving from other areas and intending to leave the transit area of the airport shall present a duly filled international certificate of vaccination issued according to the Standards published every year by the World Health Organization (WHO). A passenger or flight crew member who does not possess a duly filled vaccination certificate described above shall undergo the vaccination at the aerodrome. Otherwise he/she is not allowed to leave the transit area of the aerodrome. On departure

No special health formalities are normally required on departure. However, if an aircraft flies to area infected with highly contagious diseases of epidemic character, Slovak citizens shall present a certificate of vaccination and foreign nationals will be on request vaccinated at the aerodrome.