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The Aeronautical Information Services of the Slovak Republic (AIS S. R.) are provided by Aeronautical Information Management Unit, which forms part of Air Traffic Services of the Slovak Republic. AIM unit ensures the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international and national air navigation within the area of its responsibility. AIM unit consists of the departments of Publications (including charts production), International NOTAM Office (NOF) and AIM Systems.

New Aeronautical Publications

AIP Vol. I.,II. Amendments (AIRAC Cycle)
Cycle Validity

AIP Vol. I.,II. Amendments (AMDT Cycle)
Cycle Validity
AIP AMDT NR 16408-DEC-2016

Aeronautical Inform. Circulars Series A
Cycle Subject
AIC A 6/16 Dates of transitions from channel raster 25 kHz to 8,33 kHz for VHF voice communication in civil aviation band 118 - 137 MHz for flights under the FL 195 in BRATISLAVA FIR in compliance with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012
AIC A 5/16 Subscription for the year 2017


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